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Shop Hair Care. Get CVS Photo offers sent to your email. Show Weekly Ad. Browse the CVS Pharmacy weekly ad to save in-store at the location nearest you. Get Gift Cards. Learn More. Show Promo Code. Offer has ended.

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Joseph Aspirin. Make sure to stay tuned for more exciting things coming your way. With disappearing sales circulars and now vanishing coupons, CVS shoppers may already have had about all the excitement they can stand. Photo by JeepersMedia. I guess selling quality merchandise at fair prices and providing great customer service is too old-fashioned. Scams and trickery are obviously the more sound business practices. They had to curtail coupons and had to raise prices.

Most vexing rewards program ever! For the most part, I have found that their regular prices are so high that CVS has become a place I avoid if at all possible. Is this part of the new restrictions? If so I will start going to Walgreens. Also, Walgreens in my area tends to be better stocked with items I buy. It says so right on the coupons.

While disappointing, nothing new and not part of the changes discussed in this article. Thanks for the info. Still considering a switch to Walgreens. Money is power. Products will not move and will expire.

Thousands of dollars of profit are wasted. I also spent a lot of money. I put up with being treated like a criminal for using coupons. I put up with the managers and staff saying vile things about other shoppers or telling me about their health problems or radical political beliefs or how much they detest the poor. I listen to all that just get the occasional free item. CVS better get come to their senses or else Walmart, here I come.

Across time, we end up spending quite a bit in the store to get the ECBs and other things but not always in one week. This works for many people as a solution, but for others- due to a variety of circumstances- it is less than an appropriate option. I too, will be using Walgreens more often. The ExtraCare program is easier, and has a longer expiration date, but a good couponer can make use of Walgreens Register Rewards too.

I have no loyalty to any store or chain and I am an avid couponer, but an honest one. Good luck with that CVS!

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It almost put them out of business. Walgreens changed their rewards recently to — they give you points for everything you buy now excluding tobacco and liquor. There are plenty of other places to shop. As much as I hate Walmart, their prices are usually cheaper to start with and you can use a coupon on top of that. Bad decision by CVS. When we actually got usable coupons in our Sunday papers, I beat them to death during the height of extreme couponing.

Instead forcing you go to digital and buy the subscription one at a time. All of the drug stores in Abilene, TX also have been hiding the Dallas paper with real, usable coupons behind the counters for months now. The regular ARN papers here on Sundays now gather dust. Now they get bigger bonuses and the consumer, no matter where they shop, are being taken to the cleaners.

I agree, you might not be able to stockpile like you used to do. I just try to maximize my grocery savings each week and let the rest go. Drugstores are way overpriced and most people will not pay regular price for that. I agree, if CVS did no-sale weeks here forget it for me and my family also. Considering most weeks I just avoid CVS because there are no sales ads in my paper anymore period.

Please do yourselves a favor and at least try it!! Shame on you!! As someone who worked for CVS as a manager for several years I would say the following: 1. Entirely too many people abused the coupon policy. It caused lines to back up and at times for the police to be called because people refused to leave once denied their coupons. Now let me explain what abuse looks like before I set off everyone on here…You are allowed one card, per household. Unfortunately people used multiple cards, friends cards, etc and then combined coupons from all cards to get products for nothing.

Yes, this is against policy but these people would call corporate and complain about poor service and get their coupons honored anyways and usually a gift card as a reward for their poor behavior. Again, this is theft. Then there were the photo copiers that printed coupons like currency and used all over town. Some ran into the hundreds per family, per month.

We reported abusers. Those people get cut off. Extra bucks get canceled. Yes, we all communicated abusers to local stores. We simply keep cutting off the cards. We actually communicated with other local stores in the community for excessive abusers. Please understand, coupon abuse is fraud and illegal. But this is likely the reason behind the reduced coupons.

Millions of dollars are lost because of this behavior. Yes, people have gone to jail because of it. They clearly did not see a return on their investments and have slowly stopped funding them. If any of this applies to you, YOU are the problem and a thief. One bad apple ruins the bunch. It made my job better! I no longer work in the industry and you are the reason I hated dealing with couponers. We all enjoy saving money, but too many are no better than shoplifters. Good day! I used to enjoy CVS until they started treating everyone with a coupon like a criminal. I pay the same copay, so never really noticed the itemized statements.

I called a local pharmacy. CVS is a giant multi-million dollar corporation that is never held responsible for robbing its customers blind in Rx costs. People using coupons is an indicator of poverty. I will never shop at CVS again.

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Ultimately both fall under CVS Corp but reporting between the two are distinct. You are completely incorrect that selling coupons is theft or illegal. Believe me, I am a member of a large well-known refunding site and this has been endlessly debated and researched. But trading and buying coupons is NOT illegal — there is no law on any books that says that.

Can I buy coupons? No, there are good reasons not to purchase coupons. Coupons being sold on the Internet or by other means may be stolen property or counterfeit. Individuals attempting to use these coupons may be subject to prosecution.

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The only reason they are allowed to sell them is because you pay them for the clipping service or shipping. I am sorry, I will look for better deals somewhere else. I have been with Cvs for many years and my meds. Not sure about that any more. Maybe CVS should have kept the tobacco products instead of trying to do something good. CVS need sales and now with giving less coupons they will be losing more money. I used to shop there a lot when I was getting great coupons from the coupon box, but now all of the coupons are for stuff that I would not purchase.

The prices are just too expensive for someone like me.

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So both stores are off limits for me. I have complained about this for over a year now. Yesterday I actually received a percent off coupon in the mail. But, the damage is done CVS. I now look for deals elsewhere for the most part. Well Cvs, I accept your challenge. Target is still my go-to place with store coupons, cartwheel and manufacturers coupons.

Triple-dip baby!! Lol …. I also remember JC Penneys doing away with the coupons. If they would have paid me a reasonable consultation fee, I would have gladly told them that not offering coupons would be a mistake and they would have saved themselves a lot of trouble. Consumers are not stupid.

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Why do corporations seem to think that we are? But we still decided to stay loyal because of Ecbs, Coupons, and Sales which we considered a win win situation, but after reading this and noticing the self satisfying strategy on CVS end. I must say with tears your prices are beyond reach for those who rely on sales to survive in this slow growing economy and regretfully we will be moving to Walgreens. I guess all good things come to an end…. I have had the same issues as others are writing about, no emails,no coupons. I will use up my extra bucks and be done.

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Cvs coupons printable

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