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Publix bakeries also usually offer a free cookie to kids — or big kids if you're shameless. The two items that people seem to rave about the most are Publix's fried chicken and cakes. In fact, some people even order their wedding cake from Publix. And these products are a good value. Publix partners with the online delivery service Instacart for delivery and a majority of its curbside pickups. But shoppers should be careful about using the service, as Instacart charges higher prices than you'd find in-store, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady website.

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Publix tells the Krazy Coupon Lady that "the increased price covers the costs of Instacart providing the overall service and in-store shopper. Publix is not attempting to profit from this service and is not collecting additional fees from customers to use it. Store brands can really save you money, and many times the product is almost identical to the national name brand.

The grocery chain has three store brands: Publix, Publix Premium and Greenwise. Publix store brand quality is on par with Target, McCaig says, and she's "never been disappointed" in it.

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The store's Greenwise brand, which consists of USDA organic products that do not contain artificial preservatives or flavors, packs both quality and value. Like this story? Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox.

Publix battered for creating Hurricane Dorian cake

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VIDEO Grocery expert: Here's the 'secret to saving money' on food.

HOT Publix Deals – 99cent detergent + Carvel Cakes $1.99

Trending Now. This high school dropout dad cashed in his k to open a burger joint—now it's bringing in millions. Follow Us. If you select "online contact us form" located in the Contact Center, you should be able to fill out the form. If you are still having issues you are welcome to call us at Ok so I was using the Publix delivery app just to make my shopping list helpful during the week to remember.

Then I learned about the Publix app and how it organizes your list by aisle! Love how it has the bogo, weekly ad, and coupons as well!

One is the search. Which creates a lot of unnecessary steps. Next when you open an item in your shopping list it would be nice if a picture of the item comes up. This would be helpful sending my husband to the store, etc. The search works on the Publix delivery app but not the Publix app. Please update.

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Hi there. Our development team is always working on enhancements to make the app better. Thanks for shopping with us, we appreciate the feedback.

I love Publix and love the convenience of this app. It's nice to see if you can find a specific brand at the store, but what I love is the grocery list. The app is linked to your favorite store, you type what you need to add to your list in the search bar, pick which brand from a drop down menu, add it to your list, and everything is sorted by the aisle number at your favorite Publix store. No more aimlessly searching for products, or calling a family member and asking which one of the 50 brands of salsa they want.

The problem is when I add an item to my list, it adds the item but tells me there's a problem with my list and crashes but the app doesn't close out.

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  • It also does this when I delete an item. It's not that big of a deal because the app itself doesn't close, it just creates an extra step of clicking "ok" to the error message whenever you make a change to your shopping list. It is very annoying but the benefits of using the app outweigh the annoyance of that error message so I continue using it.

    I hope it gets fixed soon though. Thank you for reaching out.

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