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Begin spraying the homemade fertilizer, taking care not to let the nozzle linger too long in one place. Given its high level of potency, the fertilizer should be applied as evenly as possible across all parts of the lawn you are treating. Mix a larger batch if you wish to fertilize all of an unusually large lawn. Apply the homemade fertilizer every two weeks or until you are satisfied with the progress your lawn has made. Beware of fertilizing too much or too often, as an excess can inhibit rather than promote grass growth. Meanwhile, keep close tabs on the pH of your soil; it should ideally be in the 6.

Proper fertilization is a balance between relying on what your soil is giving your lawn, and what you can add. To apply fertilizer, use a broadcast spreader that has a wide spread. Use a consistent fast walk to make sure that the fertilizer does in fact spread out wide. Come in from the sidewalk or drive way about two feet to create a perimeter. Now start walking the lawn. With every pass, make sure to come out about two feet from your last pass, so the fertilizer throws back to your tire marks. Generally, with cool season grass, fertilizing should be done March through May and September through November.

For warm season grass, fertilizing should be done March through November. Specific fertilizer and how much you will put down, will depend on your grass type, where you live, climate and other contributing factors. Over fertilizing can cause spurts of random growth that will cause unsightly, uneven patches of grass. However, under-fertilizing will make it hard for the grass to fight off invading weeds and disease.

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Subscribe to our channel for more DIY and product videos! Right after it rains, or in the early morning hours when there is still dew on the grass are also good times to apply granular fertilizers. Make sure to check the directions of the fertilizer you are using to know which number setting to adjust your spreader to. Some rotary spreaders have side guards to help prevent overspill. Many people like to use liquid fertilizers because they are easy to apply, and work quickly.

Applying them is simply a matter of using a liquid container that hooks up to your hose. Make sure to spray evenly. See our liquid fertilizer page for products and more information. Also see our selection of commercial grade lawn fertilizers , as well as our entire selection of fertilizers. Can't find the product you are looking for? E-mail us and we'll get it for you!

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  8. We sell professional do it yourself pest control diy , exterminator and extermination insecticide, pesticide, chemical and bug killer treatment products to spray, eliminate and exterminate pests. Many of our products are not available in stores such as Home Depot, Walmart or Lowes. Fertilizers Guide Fertilizer Buyer's Guide. More Weed Control How-To's. Filter Sort.

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    A selective pre-emergence herbicide that controls grass and broadleaf weeds and makes uniform application easier. CoRoN Plus 0. A controlled-release liquid turf and horticultural fertilizer with chelated iron that is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilization program. Ferti-Lome Centipede Lawn Fertilizer Features slow-release Nitrogen to provide a long-lasting result, along with high Iron content and other trace elements to support the greening of lawns. Multiple sizes available. A all-around high Nitrogen lawn fertilizer with iron for fast immediate greening on all types of lawns, and the iron is chelated for fast, long lasting green-up of the lawn.

    CoRoN Liquid Fertilizer. Southern Ag Soluble Fertilizer. A water soluble fertilizer is the best way to keep your plants growing to get to their greatest potential. Peters Professional General Purpose Fertilizer. A water soluble fertilizer to be used on lawns, plants, shrubs and trees specially in growing media that contains mineral soil. Ferti-Lome Winterizer for Established Lawns Specially formulated lawn food that helps build vigorous root systems during winter on all types of grass.

    Understanding What Fertilizer Is

    A commercial lawn fertilizer that is ideal for golf courses to residential lawns to keep lawns and professional turf as fresh as possible. An organic fertilizer for your garden and cool and warm season grasses that will provide all the nutrients needed. Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer A granular lawn fertilizer for cool and warm-season lawns. Three phase slow release nitrogen that will last up to 8 weeks with one application on cool and warm season grasses. Water soluble granules that is used to prevent and correct iron deficiencies in trees, shrubs, and other plants. A premium lawn fertilizer is designed for quick and deep greening for all lawn types.

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    A water soluble all-purpose fertilizer for all types of plants, vegetables and citrus, and can be used all year round. CoRoN Plus Micros. A professional liquid fertilizer that is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilization program. TurfGrassPro 25 - 0 - 0. A liquid fertilizer in a ready-to-use garden hose spray bottle that is sure to help achieve lush green plants.

    Pennington A high-quality turf and ornamental fertilizer containing Nitroform to provide uniform growth and sustained feeding. A specially formulated fertilizer that features a unique blend of fish-based nutrients with guano which promotes vigorous plant growth. Ironite Lawn and Plant Food Plus An all-purpose fertilizer in a unique pellet form that provides the nutrients needed for lawns to shrubs and vegetables. Great deal. You have chosen to thumb down this deal. You gave thanks to rsaforjm for this post.

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    Deal Explorer 7 Helpful? I work for the road commission and we buy fertilizer to spec not name brand. New seed grows extremely well. Good deal.

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    A normal size subdivision lot can get 3 treatments with this at a great price. Just keep up on pulling a few weeds once you get dialed in. Bigpopa 7 Helpful?

    Cheap, Safe, and Incredibly Effective Homemade Lawn Food

    This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. L2: Beginner. I use this brand every year, my lawn looks amazing.

    You Should Be Using Liquid Fertiliser On Your Lawn

    Goes on clearance every August, the manufacturer is the same as the at Lowe's fertilizer as well. Reply Helpful Comment? L4: Apprentice.

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